Notable Achievements

Glencoe Elementary is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. As a Title I School with a school wide program in place, Glencoe Elementary has consistently met Annual Yearly Progress Goals. The faculty is trained and implements the best practices of the Alabama Reading Initiative daily. Glencoe elementary has had many notable achievements in the past three years. These achievements include outfitting all classrooms with 21st Century Technologies, implementing a vital Response to Instruction program, which streamlines identification and support of struggling students, and the expansion of the after-hours student Extended Day Program to a daily summer program. All classrooms in Glencoe Elementary are equipped with a Promethean Board, Projector, a document camera, ipads, three to four up-to-date desktop computers, and at least 5 chrome books. Some classrooms use response systems know as Activ-Votes as well as Activ-Slates. The school has three complete netbook carts available for classroom use. Our computer lab is equipped with enough computers for two entire classes to work independently. Each classroom is equipped with Wireless internet. Some classrooms make use of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy to further extend student usage of current technologies.

All students receive evidenced-based core instruction. Students identified through behavioral documentation, assessments and student data not making adequate progress will receive Tier II instruction from the regular classroom teacher. Students not responding to Tier II instruction will be referred to the Response to Instruction Team (RTI). The RTI program at Glencoe Elementary is vital to the identification and support of students experiencing difficulty in academics or behavior. The RTI team consists of the Instructional Partner, Reading Intervention Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Counselor, faculty members and the principal. The team meets monthly to review student data and create intervention plans to meet the needs of the individual. Students not responding to Tier II instruction will be placed in Tier III instruction, which usually takes place outside the regular classroom Teamwork is the key to the success of the RTI program ant Glencoe Elementary. Classroom teachers, the intervention teacher, guidance counselor, principal, and special education teacher work together to help all students experience success.

Collaboration is an important component of high-quality instruction. Grade-level teachers share a common planning time when it is logistically possible. Teachers engage in faculty meetings, grade level meetings, and data meetings in order to share information. Lesson plans are created cooperatively. Electronic documents such as lesson plans and lesson strategies are saved on grade-level shared files. The shared files also contain lessons, Power Points, and ActiveInspier flipcharts for the Promethean board that have been developed to coincide with the reading and math CCRS standards.

For many years, Glencoe Elementary has served students and parents with an Extended Day Program. This program is low-cost and provides homework help and includes guided play and learning activities for students. Due to the parent need for quality childcare during the summer months, a summer-care program was implemented several years ago. Enrollment was to capacity this past summer. Students participated in library visits, field trips, outdoor play and crafts.