If your child is in my homeroom class I will be his/her teacher in the following subjects:

Reading serves as the core subject in my classroom.  In this class your child will be reading various texts from our textbook, trade books, non-fiction sources, and self-selected texts.  Stories read from the textbook will contain specific vocabulary and will be tested when we finish reading them in class. Usually the test falls on the Friday of the week we began the story.
Self selected reading is monitored through the Accelerated Reading program.   At least three times a year I will asses your child using the STAR reading test and determine a Zone of Proximal Development (zone) for your child to choose books in.  Your child will have opportunities to select books within this zone and take Accelerated Reader tests on these books.  Points are awarded based on correct answers on their tests.  Points and average percent correct on tests are monitored daily.  At the end of each nine weeks I will chart your child's point progress.  For more information check our schoolwide Accelerated Reader page.
Grades in my reading class come from vocabulary and comprehension tests.  I also grade Weekly Reader (an age appropriate classroom newspaper) and Practice book assignments.  Completed homework assignments will also help your child's grade in Reading.  Incomplete homework assignments will result in points being deducted from your child's grade.  As in all subject, D's and F's can be corrected and returned for 5 points.  The parent's signature indicates that you have seen your child's paper and helped them to correct the paper.
With the adoption of a new textbook series this year, we have added some wonderful features to our Reading program at Glencoe Elementary.  The students now have access to their Reading textbook via the web  The students have a username and password that will give them access to their textbook when they forget it at home.  If you need your username and password, please email me and I will get it for you.  For most students, it is similar to their AR username and password.

(A new textbook will be used for 2016-2017, so some of the following information may change.)
In my science class your child will be introduced to Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.  I incorporate many hands on activities throughout the school year in an effort to make science real to my students and enhance their learning.  
Your child will keep a Science folder throughout the year.  This folder should include vocabulary words that your child has looked up and other assignments.  Your child's science folder will be an invaluable resource in my class. Grades in Science are taken from activities, Vocabulary tests, Chapter tests.  Our current science text is available to our students online!  It can be accessed via the web site  Each student has their own username and password.  For most students, it is similar to their AR username and password.  If you have any trouble, please email me and I will be glad to help you with the problem.  Also, there are some Science games that your student may enjoy playing that reinforce the vocabulary and skills we are learning in class.
Almost every day we will complete a time test.  The most important time test is multiplication.  We will also try to complete a lesson from our book each day.  It is very important that your child completes their homework each night.  The textbook is very helpful in that parents can look at the examples in the textbook for help with the homework.  The pages in the workbook will not be torn out, so you will always have them to look back for help.  Always feel free to send me a note or email if you have any problems.

My teaching partner is Mrs. Lowman.  If your child is in my homeroom, Mrs. Lowman will teach him/her Language, Spelling,  and Alabama History.  You can check her page for course details.  

In addition to teaching my homeroom students I will also teach Mrs. Lowman's homeroom for Math and Science.