Below you will find the things we will learn in sixth grade math. Some lessons/chapters will take longer than others. Feel free to do practice problems at home with your child. 

6th Grade Math Syllabus: 

The Number System
Chapter 1   Whole Numbers and Decimals
Chapter 2   Fractions
Chapter 3   Rational Numbers

Ratios and Rates
Chapter 4   Ratios and Rates
Chapter 5   Percents
Chapter 6   Units of Measure

Expressions and Equations
Chapter 7   Algebra: Expressions
Chapter 8   Algebra: Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 9   Algebra: Relationships Between Variables

Geometry and Statistics
Chapter 10  Area
Chapter 11  Surface Area and Volume
Chapter 12  Data Displays and Measures of Center
Chapter 13  Variability and Data Distributions


Grades are based on a combination of classwork, homework, quizzes, and tests. I grade using the points system. Most assignment's points are based on the about of problems/questions. For example, if students complete a homework page with 15 problems, the grade will be worth 15 points. Tests are worth 100 points each. We will have tests at the end of each chapter.    


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