Understanding Your Child’s ACT Aspire™ Results

The ACT Aspire™ student score report contains information about your child’s academic progress. Please remember that due to the possibility of measurement error, scores are estimates, not precise measures of achievement. This guide will help you understand and use information on the score report to help your child. For additional information about ACT Aspire™, please visit www.discoveractaspire.org. Go to http://www.discoveractaspire.org/parent-overview/ for a more complete guide to understanding your child’s ACT Aspire™ results.

Answering the Essential Questions

What is ACT Aspire™? ACT Aspire™ is an assessment that measures academic achievement in the areas of English, math, reading, science and writing. It is aligned to the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards, making test results meaningful by connecting your child’s score to specific skills and knowledge that are important for success in college and the workplace.

Where does my child stand right now? The ACT Aspire™ student report shows your child’s strengths and weaknesses in up to five subject areas: English, math, reading, science, and writing. In spring of 2014, Alabama required all students to take reading and math, but your child’s school may have elected to administer additional assessments. The report also shows how your child performed in specific skill areas within each subject. Additionally, you can see how your child’s scores compare to those of other students who have taken ACT Aspire™.

Is my child on target for college and career readiness? The score indicates how well your child did in each subject area. The three-digit score is based on the actual number of questions answered correctly and the total number of points earned. The score will fall into one of three readiness levels: Ready, Close or In Need of Support. Students scoring in the Ready category are considered on target for college and career readiness. Students scoring in the Close or In Need of Support category may need additional help to reach their goal of being ready for college or the workplace.

Click here for the printable pdf ACT Aspire Parent Guide