Sites for Kids!

Sites for Busy Little Bees!

i there kiddo's! I am collecting useful websites that parents would approve of for you to use as needed. Most sites will assist you with your schoolwork but some are just for fun!:) I have personally tested each site to make sure it is appropriate and beneficial for you. If you know of a site that you would like to share with others, please email me the link and I will check it out. Your name will appear with the link when I post it so that everyone will know who my contributors are. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!


bee   Professor Garfield provides you with exciting new ways of practicing    reading, math, science, history, art, music, and much more. He even threw in a  few games just for fun! I had a BLAST on this site!

     bee"Fun Brain", the internet's #1 educational site for kids K-8, provides students & teachers with games (like Sudoku and arcades games) for math and reading. They offer facts for kids on the homepage to increase students' knowledge about our world.

 beeWhen you enter Education Place, select the state you live in and go from there. It pulls information from the text books used in your state to assist you. Students can create Wacky Web Tales, view current evens, and even learn how to successfully research on the web.

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