Rules and Behavior Chart

Ms. Aulsbrook's Behavior Chart
Lyndsey Aulsbrook                             
Subject: All subjects
Grade: 1
1. Listen when someone is speaking.
2. Raise your hand to speak.
3. Follow directions quickly.
4. Be a caring friend.
5. Always do your best work.
My behavior system combines positive reinforcement with consequences for behavior difficulties. Everyone starts on "ready to learn" each morning. When I see students making good choices, I tell them to move their clip up the chart. They receive bonus bucks for moving their pins up. At the end of each week, students are allowed to cash in their bonus bucks for prizes. If they reach super student in one day's time, they get to place a diamond sticker on their pin. When a pin has 5 stickers, it moves to the "Hall of Fame." The student then gets a new pin to earn more stickers. When the pins start moving down, you will see a note written from me in your child's folder. We always want to avoid moving pins down! Let's help these kids to reach the "Hall of Fame!"
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