If your child is in my homeroom class I will be his or her teacher in the following subjects:

Reading serves as the core subject in my classroom. In this class your child will be reading various texts from our textbook, trade books, non-fiction sources, and self-selected texts. Stories read from the textbook will contain specific vocabulary
and will be tested when we finish reading them in class.
Self selected reading is monitored through the Accelerated Reading program. Three times a year, I will assess your child using the STAR reading test and determine a Zone of Proximal Development (zone) for your child to choose books in. Your child will have opportunities to select books within this zone and take Accelerated Reader tests on these books. Points are awarded based on correct answers on their tests. Points and average percent correct on tests are monitored daily. At the end of each six weeks I will chart your child's point progress and reward him or her. For more information check our school wide Accelerated Reader page.
Grades in my reading class come from vocabulary and comprehension tests. I also grade Weekly Reader (an age appropriate classroom newspaper) and Practice book assignments. Completed homework assignments will also help your child's grade in Reading. Incomplete homework assignments will result in points being deducted from your child's grade.


In my Spelling class your child will focus on common spelling patterns each week. Every Monday I will introduce 25 new spelling words based on the spelling pattern for that week. Throughout the week we will sort the words according to spelling pattern and alphabetical order, identify word meanings, and practice spelling each word. On Fridays I will give a spelling test. This test can either be writing each word after it is called or a standardized spelling test. 
Grades in spelling are taken on spelling tests and completed homework assignments. Incomplete homework assignments will cause points to be deducted from your child's grade.
Handwriting is also included in Spelling. Cursive writing is taught in third grade at Glencoe Elementary School. Handwriting grades are given by S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement), and U (Unacceptable). 


My Language class will cover parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns), structural analysis (prefixes, suffixes, and root words), punctuation, sentence structure, and word usage. Lessons will be covered in the textbook. Tests will be given on common groups of skills throughout each unit. When a unit ends, a unit comprehensive test will be given. Completed homework assignments will also count toward your child's final grade for the six weeks. Points will be deducted for incomplete assignments.


My History classes will focus on the history of our great state, including the Civil War. We will complete History Scrapbooks in class. Your child will begin working on scrapbooks in class as early as the first week of school. They are required to have 3 brochures and 2 postcards pertaining to something in Alabama for their scrapbook. Grades in History are taken on tests and completed homework assignments. Incomplete homework assignments will cause points to be deducted from your child's grade.

My teaching partner is Mr. Womack. If your child is in my homeroom, Mr. Womack will teach him or her Math and Science. You can check his page for course details. 

In addition to teaching my home room students, I will also teach Mr. Womack's home room in Language and Alabama History.

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