General Information
General information

Our class is blessed to have a 1:1 Chromebook initiative.  Each student will have a Chromebook for their own use.  The students must sign the Etowah County School Acceptable Use Policy and the Glencoe Elementary Chromebook Agreement before they can use the devices.  They will access their email and various other websites to enhance their learning.  Their documents will be saved in their Google Drive for access at a later time, if desired.

Graded papers and any information for parents will be sent home on Tuesdays.  This folder will also contain a paper with their conduct grade.  This score is cumulative and will not go back to 100 until the next 9 weeks begins.  A paper with what rule the student broke for the previous week is also included.  This page needs to be returned with the folder, signed by a parent/adult.

No extra work will be assigned to bring grades up.  If a student scores a D or F on a test, when the papers are sent home on Tuesday, they can correct the incorrect answers and get the paper signed by a parent, for 5 bonus points.  All papers must be returned by Friday of that week.

Field trips are  a privilege and can be taken away for punishment.  I will give many warnings before taking away field trips.