If your child is in my homeroom class I will be his/her teacher for Alabama History.  I will be teaching all of the fourth grade students for Science.

We will be utilizing many resources to be able to cover all of the standards required for the State of Alabama in Science.  We will be using our Board Approved textbook for part of the year, but we will be using the resources provided by the Alabama Mathematics, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) through Jacksonville State University.
We will be learning through "doing" as we will be involved in hands-on activities several days of the week.  Students will need to be present to be able to learn from our experiences.
Our Board of Education has also provided us with online resources through SchoolsPLP.  We will be using this online platform to access and learn from projects, videos, and articles that are applicable to our state standards.  

I will be teaching my homeroom Alabama History.  Our textbook will serve as our main source of information, but we will also be utilizing online articles and SchoolsPLP to cover our required standards.  We will complete an Alabama History scrapbook that has proven to be a classic keepsake over the years from former students.  We plan to travel to Montgomery, Alabama to visit the historic state capitol.