Additional Parent Information

Parent Information:



Attendance:  It is important that your child attends school each day unless he/she is sick.  If your child has been absent, please send a note or doctor’s excuse when they return.  If a note is not received, the absence is marked unexcused and no tests missed that day may be made up. 3 parental excuses per semester is accepted.



Lunch: Our class has lunch from 11:10 until 11:35.  Please do not send any “fast” food in the lunchroom in the original wrapping or bags for lunch from home. This is a health violation and cannot be allowed in the lunchroom. Carbonated drinks are not allowed in lunches brought from home.



Snack:  We have snack at 1:35 each day.  Please send some type of snack with your child daily.  No candy please and no carbonated drinks are allowed.



Birthdays:  You may drop off store-bought cookies or doughnuts to help celebrate your child’s birthday.  These treats are typically shared during our snack time.



Medication:  Never send medication to school with your child.  All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be delivered to the school nurse by a parent and must have the proper paperwork with it.



Conferences:  I am available for conferences during the school day during my planning time, 1:00 - 1:30.  Please call to schedule any conferences for this time period, or send a note with your child’s folder. You can also email me at