Syllabus and Homework
things to know
In second grade, your child will be reading many different texts to practice their reading strategies to become a more fluent reader. Reading is a life long skill and requires practice. As the old saying is so true, " The more you read, the better reader you will become!" Your child will have a weekly reading test. Please encourage your child to read by reading in front of your child. Your child will have cold read tests and vocabulary tests on Thursday and Fridays.
Spelling words come from our reading lessons.  Test are usually given on Thursdays, please check the weekly schedule.
Basic math skills, problem solving, critical thinking, addition and subtraction. We are using the Go-Math program. If you need any assistance, please go to the the think central website. We are using Reflex math in the classroom for fact fluency practice.
Your child will copy homework daily from the board and have an agenda sheet sent home at the beginning of each week to inform you of Spelling and vocabulary words, Skills, and test schedule. Please read all the notes for the week concerning school upcoming events! You can expect to have homework in the following subjects every night: reading, spelling, and math. Please check the sheet for science and social studies.
A folder is used for homework and communication.  It is very important to return homework signed by the parent every day in this folder.  Notes are also sent home in this folder.  You may send notes to the teacher in this folder. The clipboard will have work completed in class, but is not to be returned. Also, tests folders are sent home every Tuesday which contains the weekly tests and conduct reports. Please sign and return the following day. I also use e-mail as a form of communication