Classroom Rules
First Grade Rules and Consequences
1. I will stay in my seat.
2. I will raise my hand to speak.
3. I will be quiet in the halls, lunchroom,restrooms, computer lab, and library.
4. I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
5. I will obey my teacher.
6. I will finish my work on time.
7. I will follow directions.

Students who follow the rules will earn praise and various rewards. Each student begins the 9 weeks with 100 points. Students who do not follow the rules will have to accept the consequences of his or her behavior. If your child disrupts, the following will occur:
1st consequence: Verbal warning
2nd consequence: Loss of 1 conduct point
3rd consequence: Loss of 2 conduct points
4th consequence: Loss of 3 conduct points, write rules at snack, and a note home.
Loss of additional conduct points can occur for severe or reoccurring behavior.

Conduct sheets are located in your child's folder that you can see daily.