Purpose and Direction

At Glencoe Elementary School, we strive to provide an effective learning environment.

  • All learners will be provided with an equitable learning environment, which includes differentiated learning opportunities and activities, equal access to technology, resources, and support, and clear, consistent rules and consequences
  • All teachers will establish high expectations, including activities and learning that are challenging but attainable which incorporate higher-order thinking
  • A safe and secure environment will be provided that is positive, encourages risk-taking, and provides support in understanding content and accomplishing talks at the appropriate level of challenge for each child's needs
  • The active learning environment will encourage learners to make connections from content to real life experiences, empowering them to be creative and knowledgeable participants in society
  • All students will demonstrate understanding of content and assessment through teacher feedback and progress monitoring, and will have opportunities to revise and improve their work based on feedback
  • All students will participate in a well-managed learning environment, interacting respectfully with teachers and peers, collaborating with other students, and following classroom rules and routines
  • All students will use age-appropriate digital tools to gather research, solve problems, and reinforce basic concepts in mathematics and reading